Reliability and Excellence Are at the Heart of the Rabcon Group

Originally founded in 2000 as Rabcon Contractors, the group has expanded dramatically thanks to the quality of the work we carry out and the culture of distinction that defines everything that we do.

Every one of our team members across each arm of the Rabcon Group brand is dedicated, highly skilled, and committed to their work. With the help of our teams and our desire to always go beyond, Rabcon Group is set to continue growing for the future.

With sewer and watermain installation, road construction, vacuum excavation, saw cutting, and financial services, the Rabcon Group is now able to offer services across a range of industries. We’ve worked on all different sizes of jobs; from major municipal works to smaller commercial and industrial projects. Our extensive experience in our industries and the variety of services we offer means that we’re always in high demand.

We keep ahead of the curve with a fleet of heavy duty equipment. We use only the latest technology and equipment in our field and continuously renew our machinery so that we’re able to provide the very best service to our clients. Technology not only makes our life easier, it also helps us to deliver fantastic quality of work. That’s why you’ll never see Rabcon Contractors, Rabcon Vacuum Excavation, or Rabcon Saw Cutting using tired old tools. We use the best, to deliver the best.

Our Clients