At Rabcon Group, Health And Safety On Project Sites Is A Priority.


Rabcon prides itself on its dedication to being the best, and our stance on health and safety is no different. We strive to be a leader in safe excavation practices and we hold ourselves to the highest standards of compliance and education.  By having a stringent health and safety policy, we are not only able to protect people and property, we ensure that municipal, provincial and federal standards are met and exceeded.

The health and safety of our workers and the general public is an irremovable component of our company philosophy. We have intense educational and training standards for our staff. This program incorporates ongoing education and testing, mock emergency drills and incident re-enactments. Our health and safety department and staff perform frequent audits of our programs and procedures, and implement controls and corrective actions whenever deficiency may be recorded.

Inspections, safety talks and enthusiastic participation from all levels of staff throughout the company has created an exciting and engaged workforce that is proud of our strong safety culture. It is this passion for safety that has allowed Rabcon Contractors to both achieve and maintain its COR status and become an active member of the ORCGA.

COR, or the ‘Certificate of Recognition’, is a safety certification program overseen by the IHSA. COR audits a company’s entire health and safety program. It encompasses all relevant legislation, prevention practices, management dedication to safety, hazard assessments and much, much more. By achieving this standard, Rabcon has shown its dedication to exceeding legislative and regulatory standards and making our workplace as safe as possible.

The health and safety of our staff and the public is paramount. For every arm of the Rabcon group, health and safety has become habit. Our impressive record not only safeguards the health of everybody on the jobsite, it allows us to provide services to our customers that will be rolled out smoothly, on time and without disruption.

Implementing strong health and safety principles is the best way to serve our customers. It makes us efficient, cautious and helps us guarantee the best possible outcome not only for your project, but for everyone involved from start to finish. Remember, the safe way is always the best way!